Walnut Hall Tree

completed project


Unfortunately due to life events I did not have time to complete a full set of videos for this project. However, there is still quite a bit of technique to be learned here especially in the 2nd and 3rd video where I show bread board construction as well as frame and panel construction using rail and stile bits at the router table. I hope you enjoy it!

part 1 - tour of the base

I already have the base built but I give a tour of where I'm at and go over the construction methods.

part 2 - breadboard lid

we walk through the construction of the lid using a glued panel and bread board ends with loose mortise a tenons along with pegs.

part 3 - frame and panel back

we go through the frame and panel construction of the back along with rail and stile router bit setup.

additional resources

Phil Thien Mortis Jig: http://www.jpthien.com/mj.htm