towel rack

In our kids bathroom the towel rack hangs directly above the toilet. Unfortunatly this means they have to climb up and down on it to hang their own towels up, which means the towels never actually get hung up! So, I put together a quick towel holder and hung it at their level.

Measuring for studs, I wanted the holder to span at least two studs so I could secure it to the wall without additional anchors.

Started with a piece of pine from the hardware store, I looked for a piece that had a long clear section with no knots.

Cut to length.

I wanted to put an angled cut on each corner. I did this with the crosscut sled and 45 degree side of a square. Just put a mark on the sleds fence where the corner can reference to get the same size cut on all four corners.

Beveled all edges at the router table.

Laid out and secured the hooks.

Removed the hooks, gave it a coat of white paint, and secured it to the wall. A quick and easy project.