walnut office shelves

Like many home offices mine does not have a closet and is limited on floor space. I still need a place to put all of my stuff though, having 10 foot ceilings I decided to build up and save the floor space.

First I used shelf standards that you can find at your local home improvement store.

The shelves are made out of walnut plywood and solid walnut edging. I start by ripping a couple of sheets into 4 shelves. If your shelves are going up high like mine remember that people will see the bottom of the shelves rather than the tops and the good face of the plywood will need to face down.

Before continuing I test fit the shelves and make sure I’ve left enough room for edging.

Edging is cut from solid walnut. I made it a fairly substantial edge both to add strength but also to cover up some of the shelf bracket.

Next, a rabbit is cut along the edge of all the pieces. I spent quite a bit of time deciding what face I wanted facing out, there is no turning back once this cut is made.

Determine the correct length, gang them together and make one cut, it’s the most efficient way.

Glue and brads hold the edging on. Once the glue is dry I use a block plane to bring the edge even with the shelf.

Using a router I put a bevel on the top edge of the shelf; this adds a nice shadow line and also blends the edging into the plywood.

Using the block plane again I put a smaller bevel on the bottom edge. No guiding lines or fences used just hold the plane at what you think is an acceptable angle.

I had more sap wood than I wanted initially in the edging and thought I might end up dyeing the wood to blend the sap wood in and I decided against it. I used a home mixed oil varnish (1/3 BLO, 1/3 mineral spirits, 1/3 polyurethane) and gave it a light tint with Transtint’s light brown dye. After it dried several coats of spray on lacquer were applied. The light tent of the sap wood adds quite a bit of character I think

The shelves are nearly 100% full and serve their purpose well.

Here you can see I still have all the floor space.

This section of books should probably move out to the workshop and free up space in the office…