build a circular saw guide

This guide will help you make quick and accurate cross cuts with your circular saw.

build steps

Start by measuring the base of your circular saw from the edge of the blade to the edge of the plate.

On the piece that will be used as a "cleat" of the jig mark off the measurement plus a little extra.

If your panel, which will become the fence, is bigger than your cleat (like mine was), mark out how much distance you have between the mark you previously made and the end of the cleat. I left a little to hang past the panel, meaning I cut the panel a little short.

Cut the panel to width

Cut the cleat to width, I went with 1.5".

layout and cut an angle on the panel. The angle is arbitrary and just makes it easier to hold.

The panel gets attached to the cleat and acts as a fence for the saw to run against.

Attach the jig to a scrap piece of wood and make a run against the fence. This will cut off the extra bit of the cleat and size it exactly to your saws width.

I put a hole in mine so that I could hang it up.

A diagram showing the dimensions of the one I built.