jointer knife setting jig

I wish I could take credit for this jig but I can't, the jig came from John White at Fine Woodworking, it consists of two pieces of 3/4" plywood and 6 magnets. The magnets John uses and the ones I used can be found at radio shack. They are super strong and cheap; just be careful as they are on the brittle side.

The jig closely resembles the commercially available Jointer Pal and its use is almost exact. First you find dead center for your knife, wedge the knife assembly in place, set one knife holder at one edge of the jointer, and the other knife holder at the other edge of the jointer; it should pull the blade up and now you can tighten it in place. Rinse, wash a repeat for the remaining blades and you are done.

additional resources

Fine woodworking video with John White on the making and use of this jig: Jointer Knife-Setting Jig with John White

If you are a metal worker, GaryK on lumberjocks built a similar jig using metal stock and rare earth magnets: My simple inexpensive tool and method to set jointer knives by GaryK

If you are looking to buy a setup jig check out this video by Marc (TheWoodWhisperer) he reviews several options then shows you how to use them. 118 – Jointer Setup